Buffington Agency, Inc.
Buffington Agency, Inc.
Life, Disability and Long Term Care Insurance
Term, Whole Life, Universal Life, which one fits you the best or do you need any insurance at all? Call the Buffington Agency, with over 65 years of combined experience we can give you the answers you need.

Long Term Disability happens more often than a loss of a home due to fire or storm. Do you have disability insurance at work, is it enough to pay the bills that are important to you, and is it going to pay when you need it? Call the Buffington Agency for a free professional opinion.

Have you considered Long Term care? One out of two people who reach 65 will spend two or more years in a nursing home before they pass on. Can you afford to see $70,000 or more disappear from your funds to pay for you or your spouse's nursing home care?

Let us help put your loved ones mind at ease, don't leave them in financial stress after your death.

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